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Anurag Dwivedi Net Worth Revealed: Fantasy Cricket King at Just 23

Anurag Dwivedi Net Worth Revealed: Fantasy Cricket King at Just 23

Anurag Dwivedi Net Worth Revealed: Fantasy Cricket King at Just 23

Anurag Dwivedi Net Worth: If you’re a cricket enthusiast, you’ve likely heard about fantasy cricket. It’s all the rage in India these days, with numerous apps allowing you to earn millions by playing fantasy cricket, such as Dream11, Vision 11, Howzatt, and many more. If you’re familiar with fantasy cricket, then Anurag Dwivedi is a name you’ve probably come across. He’s often referred to as the king of Fantasy Cricket, having made a substantial amount of money in this field. Many are curious about Anurag Dwivedi net worth, and in this article, we’ll delve into his life and Anurag Dwivedi net worth in detail.

Who is Anurag Dwivedi?

Who is Anurag Dwivedi?
Who is Anurag Dwivedi?

Anurag Dwivedi is a 23-year-old hailing from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, born on September 12, 2000. He has been passionate about cricket since childhood and pursued it by joining a cricket academy. However, an injury forced him to discontinue his cricket journey. Despite this setback, his interest in cricket never waned, and today, he’s recognized as a top cricket analyst in India.

Anurag Dwivedi is known as a Fantasy Cricket Expert, Social Media Influencer, and YouTuber. He has a YouTube channel under the name “Anurag Dwivedi,” where he provides insights into which team to select in fantasy cricket before each match. Thanks to his success in fantasy cricket, he has gained over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and is on track to reach 1 million followers on Instagram.

Anurag Dwivedi’s Sources of Income

Anurag Dwivedi Net Worth
Anurag Dwivedi Net Worth

To understand Anurag Dwivedi’s net worth, we need to explore his income from various platforms.

Anurag Dwivedi’s YouTube Income

As of November 1, 2023, Anurag Dwivedi has 3.38 million subscribers on YouTube. According to Socialblade, he earns approximately 4 to 5 lakh rupees per month from YouTube, which adds up to around 48-50 lakh rupees annually. This income is solely from Google AdSense, and it doesn’t include earnings from product and app promotions.

Anurag Dwivedi’s Instagram Income

Anurag Dwivedi’s Instagram page, “Anuragxcricket,” has 1 million followers, with 370 posts to date. His monthly income from Instagram is around 10-11 lakh rupees.

Anurag Dwivedi’s Sponsorship Income

For sponsorships, Anurag charges up to 10 lakh rupees to promote a brand. In a month, he can easily earn 25-30 lakh rupees through sponsorships.

Anurag Dwivedi’s Fantasy Cricket Income

Anurag Dwivedi has earned approximately 150 crore rupees from fantasy cricket. It’s worth noting that earnings in fantasy cricket can vary, as sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Anurag shares that he maintains a 70-30 winning ratio, meaning that out of 10 matches he creates teams for, 7 of them win, and 3 result in losses. He primarily promotes the Vision 11 fantasy cricket app, of which he is also the brand ambassador.

Anurag Dwivedi Net Worth

Considering all his income sources, Anurag Dwivedi earns between 20-30 crore rupees annually at the age of 23. His lifestyle reflects his success, with a collection of luxury cars, including a Defender 130 (8 Seater), Mercedes E-Class, BMW Z4, Mahindra Thar, and BMW 7 Series.

Anurag Dwivedi’s Girlfriend


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Anurag Dwivedi Girlfriend

Anurag Dwivedi’s girlfriend is Tanishka Kant, an Instagram influencer. The two are often seen together, and their posts on social media indicate a close relationship. Recently, Tanishka shared a story on her Instagram of a date night with Anurag in Dubai, showcasing their strong bond.

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Anurag Dwivedi Interviews & Podcasts

To learn more about Anurag Dwivedi and his journey, you can listen to his interviews and podcasts where he shares insights about his life and fantasy cricket career. The links to these interviews and podcasts can be found in this article.

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