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Crepdog Crew: The Instagram Start that Turned ₹100 Crore

Crepdog Crew: The Instagram Start that Turned ₹100 Crore

Crepdog Crew: The Instagram Start that Turned ₹100 Crore

Crepdog Crew Instagram’s Business Beginning

In 2019, three friends – Anchit Kapil, Bharat Mehrotra, and Shourya Kumar – gathered with an idea to launch a business. After careful consideration, they initiated CDC, focusing on selling premium sneakers and streetwear. Their journey began with the creation of an Instagram page under the brand name “Crepdog Crew.” Their vision was clear: utilize online platforms effectively.

Instagram’s Response Sparks Success

CDC response on instagram

Soon after launching their Instagram page, Crepdog Crew started gaining traction. Orders for sneakers and streetwear began to pour in as the page garnered a substantial following. In no time, the trio’s business became profitable, thanks to their social media prowess and dedication to delivering top-notch products.

From Instagram to Physical Presence

CDC Physical Presence

Witnessing the positive response on Instagram, the founders decided to take their venture to the next level. They opened a physical store in Delhi that attracted thousands of customers daily, coming from far and wide for their shopping needs. Encouraged by this success, CDC’s founders now plan to expand further by opening another outlet, this time in a city like Mumbai, to cater to a broader customer base.

Profitable from Day One

Crepdog Crew’s profitability began from its inception, thanks to its unique start on the Instagram platform. Additionally, the company secured funding from startup investors, fueling its rapid growth. Today, the company’s valuation has surpassed ₹100 crore, a testament to the founders’ unwavering self-belief and commitment.

Investment in Growth

In a recent funding round, Crepdog Crew received investments from prominent startup investors like Rahul Kayan, Harminder Sahni, Nikhil Mehra, among others. While the exact amount of funding remains undisclosed, it signifies the confidence that these investors have in the company’s potential.

Conquering India’s Sneaker Market

India’s sneaker market is rapidly expanding, and CDC has managed to establish a significant presence in this competitive field. Their journey from an Instagram page to a ₹100 crore company serves as an inspiring example of what determination and a clear vision can achieve.

In Conclusion

The Crepdog Crew story exemplifies the power of social media and the potential of young entrepreneurs in today’s dynamic startup landscape. With their unshakable belief and innovative approach, Anchit Kapil, Bharat Mehrotra, and Shourya Kumar have turned CDC into a thriving and profitable business within India’s sneaker market.

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Crepdog Crew Story Overview

  • Article Title: Crepdog Crew: The Instagram Start that Turned ₹100 Crore
  • Startup Name: Crepdog Crew
  • Founders: Anchit Kapil, Bharat Mehrotra, and Shourya Kumar
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • CDC Revenue (FY 2023): ₹100 Crore
  • Official Website:

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