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Selena Gomez: Revealing the Routine of a Hollywood Star on Her 31st Birthday

selena gomez birthday

Actor and singer, Selena Gomez, holds a special place in the hearts of those born in the late 90s, especially since her rise to fame as the beloved Alex Russo in the hit series “Wizards of Waverly Place.” As she celebrates her 31st birthday today, we unveil the secrets behind her impeccable physique and unwavering commitment to a diligent workout regimen.

Dedication and Sweat Bag: The Foundation of Gomez’s Workout Routine

Dedication is the cornerstone of Selena Gomez’s workout routine, and she spares no effort in staying true to her fitness goals. Reports suggest that she carries a sweat bag wherever she goes, enabling her to sneak in exercise whenever possible. Her workout routine comprises a blend of exercises, including cardio, yoga, and Pilates, ensuring she maintains a healthy and fit lifestyle.

In a single workout session, Selena can burn a remarkable 800 to 1600 calories, showcasing her dedication to staying in shape. Additionally, she sets a target of walking 10,000 steps daily, a habit that contributes to her overall well-being.

A Glimpse into Selena Gomez’s Weekly Fitness Regimen

Gomez’s weekly fitness schedule is a testament to her commitment to maintaining her enviable physique. On Mondays, she engages in jogging, lunges, jumping jacks, squats, and stretching exercises. Tuesdays involve a mix of crunches, lunges, jumping jacks, push-ups, jogging, and squats. Wednesdays find her at the gym, focusing on circuit training, while Thursdays are dedicated to Pilates, which aids in enhancing her strength and flexibility.

Yoga is Selena’s choice for Saturdays, a practice that helps her find balance and inner peace. Fridays and Sundays are reserved for well-deserved rest and rejuvenation, allowing her body to recover and prepare for the upcoming week’s challenges.

Finding Balance: Selena’s Workout Frequency

Selena Gomez typically hits the gym three to five times a week, but she’s not afraid to adjust her routine based on her fitness goals and the characters she portrays on screen. Constantly seeking to challenge herself, she modifies the intensity and frequency of her workouts to keep her body engaged and progressing.

Stretching is an integral part of her fitness regimen, contributing to her agility and overall health.

Nutrition: A Key Ingredient in Gomez’s Fitness Journey

While Selena has a soft spot for fast food, she diligently keeps it at bay to achieve her fitness aspirations. A shot of ginger kickstarts her day, enhancing her metabolism and setting a healthy tone from the morning.

According to her wellness coach, Amy Rosoff Davis, Selena loves rice bowls with protein, avocado, and vegetables. For breakfast, she enjoys options like scrambled egg burritos or full-fat Greek yogurt. Lunch often consists of turkey, beans, and avocado with a dressing of lemon juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and mustard.

Dinner for the singer usually includes sushi or a Teriyaki bowl with Asian marinated chicken or salmon, cucumber, avocado, and rice.

The Transition to Whole Foods

During her weight loss transformation, Selena Gomez made a pivotal switch from processed foods to whole foods. She focused on nourishing her body with wholesome offerings, helping her gain stamina and strength without resorting to extreme diets or starvation.

Moreover, she ensures she stays well-hydrated throughout the day, understanding the importance of water in maintaining overall health.

As Selena Gomez celebrates her 31st birthday, her fitness secrets continue to inspire her fans worldwide. Her unwavering dedication, commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and balanced approach to nutrition are qualities that make her not only a talented artist but also a role model for those aspiring to achieve their fitness goals and lead a fulfilling life.


  1. How old is Selena Gomez now? Selena Gomez is turning 31 years old today.
  2. What is Selena Gomez’s workout routine? Selena Gomez’s workout routine includes a combination of exercises such as cardio, yoga, and Pilates. She hits the gym three to five times a week and maintains a healthy step count daily.
  3. What does Selena Gomez eat for breakfast? Selena Gomez enjoys options like scrambled egg burritos, full-fat Greek yogurt, or beans/rice/avocado for breakfast.
  4. How does Selena Gomez stay hydrated? Selena Gomez ensures she drinks a good amount of water throughout the day to stay well-hydrated.
  5. What did Selena Gomez switch to during her weight loss transformation? Selena Gomez replaced processed foods with whole foods during her weight loss journey to gain stamina and strength.

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