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Sonam Kapoor’s Son Vayu Celebrates 1st Birthday: Heartwarming Celebrity Wishes

Sonam Kapoor's Son Vayu Celebrates 1st Birthday: Heartwarming Celebrity Wishes

Sonam Kapoor’s Son Vayu Celebrates 1st Birthday: Heartwarming Celebrity Wishes

Hey there, party enthusiasts and Bollywood fans! Get ready to dive into a heartwarming celebration as we mark the momentous first birthday of none other than adorable Sonam Kapoor’s son, Vayu. This special day was filled with joy, celebrity wishes, and precious moments that will leave a smile on your face.


As the digital world buzzed with excitement, our beloved celebrities joined in to wish young Vayu a spectacular first birthday. The ever-graceful Kareena Kapoor, who shared the screen with Sonam Kapoor in the hit movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’, took to social media to send her wishes in the sweetest way possible. Kareena, an experienced mother herself, uploaded an endearing snapshot of Sonam cuddling little Vayu. The picture depicted pure love and the joy of motherhood. Kareena captioned it, “Happy birthday to this little bundle of joy. Sending so much love and blessings.” It’s these heartwarming moments that truly make us feel the essence of love and unity in the Bollywood family.


Kareena wasn’t the only one celebrating the joyous occasion. Bhumi Pednekar, known for her impactful roles and charming personality, added her warm wishes to the mix. Bhumi shared her excitement with the words, “@sonamkapoor Happy Birthday Sweet Vayu, Here we are screaming Yeahhhhhh!!!! While we clap for you, you sweet sweet boy. @sonamkapoor @anandahuja he is.”

Bhumi Pednekar Wishes on Sonam Kapoor's Son Vayu First Birthday
Bhumi Pednekar Wishes on Sonam Kapoor’s Son Vayu First Birthday

Meanwhile, the ever-graceful Karishma Kapoor also marked her presence with a heartfelt message: “@sonamkapoor Happy birthday to darling Vayu Love and Blessings.” These wishes show how strong the bonds of the film fraternity are, transcending the boundaries of screens and sets.

Karishma Kapoor Wishes on Sonam Kapoor's Son Vayu First Birthday
Karishma Kapoor Wishes on Sonam Kapoor’s Son Vayu First Birthday


Both Bhumi Pednekar and Karishma Kapoor shared their wishes on a special picture that Sonam Kapoor had posted earlier. This image captured the magic of Vayu’s six-month milestone. Sonam, a doting mother, had uploaded a snapshot that encapsulated the journey of motherhood and the joy of nurturing her little bundle of happiness.


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A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja)

Rewinding a bit, let’s take a glimpse into the past when Sonam Kapoor celebrated her 38th birthday. Anand Ahuja, the husband of the stunning actress, took the opportunity to shower her with love and admiration. Anand shared an endearing picture of Sonam with baby Vayu in her arms, displaying a heartwarming smile. His caption conveyed a powerful message: “Mornings like this! Sonam Kapoor… Yes, the balloons are here for today, but the attitude, gratitude, and complete commitment to living fully is a daily practice in our home you have made. If we live every day like it’s your birthday, we will have lived completely. Happy Birthday my Jaan.”


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Sonam Kapoor’s journey of love and family began when she tied the knot with entrepreneur Anand Ahuja in May 2018 in Mumbai. Anand, the brains behind the fashion label Bhane, brought a unique charm to the Kapoor family. In August of the following year, their lives were blessed with a new chapter as they welcomed their son, Vayu.


Aside from her personal milestones, Sonam Kapoor continues to shine in the world of cinema. While she made a cameo appearance in Netflix’s thrilling ‘AK vs AK’, it’s the 2019 film ‘The Zoya Factor’ that last featured her in a significant role. This delightful movie, co-starring Dulquer Salmaan and Angad Bedi, captured hearts with its unique storyline. Additionally, this year, Sonam graced the screen in Shome Makhija’s poignant film ‘Blind’.

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As we wrap up our journey through the heartwarming celebration of Vayu’s first birthday, we can’t help but smile at the joyous moments and the genuine affection shared among Bollywood’s finest. From celebrity wishes to precious family moments, this celebration reminds us of the beauty of love and unity, both on and off the screen. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories from the world of entertainment. Until next time, keep spreading love and positivity!

Pic Credit : Instagram @ Sonam Kapoor

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