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Tesla’s Game-Changing Move: Full Self-Driving Technology Licensed to Competitors

tesla full self driving car technology

In a game-changing move during Tesla’s second-quarter 2023 investor call, CEO Elon Musk announced the company’s plan to license its Full Self-Driving (FSD) driver-assist technology to another major automaker. This decision marks a significant shift in the autonomous vehicle industry and highlights Tesla’s commitment to sharing its groundbreaking technology with the world.

The Vision of Licensing FSD Technology

Elon Musk emphasized that Tesla is not looking to hoard its FSD technology but rather aims to collaborate with other automakers. The decision to license FSD was always part of the plan, according to The Verge’s report on the investor call. This visionary move underscores Tesla’s goal of advancing the adoption of self-driving technology across the automotive sector.

A History of Collaboration

This isn’t the first time Musk has expressed openness to sharing Tesla’s technological advancements. Last month, he tweeted about the company’s aspirations to be helpful to other car manufacturers. Tesla’s forward-thinking approach led them to make all their patents freely available several years ago. Additionally, the company has enabled other car manufacturers to use its Supercharger network, a pivotal move towards promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) on a larger scale.

The Importance of Project Dojo

Tesla’s commitment to developing cutting-edge technology continues with its significant investment in Project Dojo. The company plans to allocate more than $1 billion to Project Dojo by the end of 2024, as stated in its Q2 earnings report. The centerpiece of this ambitious project is the Dojo supercomputer, designed to train Tesla’s fleet of autonomous vehicles.

tesla full self-driving technology

Empowering Full Self-Driving Software

The Dojo training computer is a crucial component in the development of self-driving car software. This powerful supercomputer can process massive amounts of data, including videos collected from Tesla cars, to enhance the capabilities of autonomous driving systems. Tesla’s in-house development of each pillar of the Dojo project allows for faster and more cost-effective neural net training.

Custom-Built Dojo Computer

Unlike its existing Nvidia GPU-based supercomputer, Tesla’s new Dojo training computer employs custom-designed chips. This specialized hardware is engineered by Tesla, giving the company greater control over the optimization and efficiency of the training process. By using their own custom-built chips, Tesla aims to further boost the performance of its self-driving technology.

Dojo: A Super Powerful Training Computer

Elon Musk bestowed the name “Dojo” upon this super powerful training computer in 2019. The significance of this name choice lies in the martial arts context, where “Dojo” represents a place of learning and mastery. In a similar spirit, Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer serves as a platform for continuous learning and refinement, helping to pave the way for a safer and more advanced era of autonomous driving.


Tesla’s decision to license its Full Self-Driving technology to other automakers is a game-changer in the automotive industry. By fostering collaboration and sharing their advancements, Tesla is driving the adoption of self-driving technology at an accelerated pace. The company’s dedication to Project Dojo and the development of a custom-built supercomputer further exemplify its commitment to revolutionizing the future of transportation.


  1. Why is Tesla licensing its Full Self-Driving technology? Tesla aims to promote the adoption of self-driving technology across the automotive industry by collaborating with other automakers.
  2. What is Project Dojo? Project Dojo is Tesla’s ambitious initiative, involving the development of a supercomputer to train its fleet of autonomous vehicles.
  3. How much is Tesla investing in Project Dojo? Tesla plans to invest more than $1 billion in Project Dojo by the end of 2024.
  4. What makes Dojo different from Tesla’s existing supercomputer? Dojo is a custom-built training computer using specialized chips designed by Tesla, aimed at optimizing the neural net training process.
  5. What does “Dojo” symbolize for Tesla? The name “Dojo” represents a place of learning and mastery, reflecting Tesla’s commitment to continuous improvement in autonomous driving technology.

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