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Game Changer Alert: YouTube Live + Multiview – Watch Multiple Live Streams Together for Maximum Entertainment!

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YouTube has taken a significant step forward in enhancing the viewing experience of its users with the official launch of Multiview for YouTube TV and Primetime Channels. After undergoing rigorous testing for several months, this innovative feature is now available to WNBA League Pass subscribers, starting with WNBA games. Multiview allows viewers to watch multiple streams simultaneously on a single screen, creating an immersive experience that is perfect for sports enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys keeping up with live events.

The Testing Phase

Since March, Google has been conducting extensive tests on the Multiview feature, primarily focusing on sports content. More recently, the scope of testing has expanded to include non-gaming content as well. With positive feedback and successful trials, YouTube is ready to roll out Multiview to a broader audience of WNBA League Pass subscribers before the upcoming NFL season with Sunday Ticket.

Wider Availability on YouTube TV

Multiview is not only confined to YouTube TV but also available on the main YouTube service for subscribers of the WNBA Primetime Channel. This feature enables users to subscribe to various streaming services and watch them conveniently via the YouTube interface.

The Power of Multiview

Multiview allows users to watch up to four streams simultaneously on compatible devices such as smart TVs, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. The ability to view multiple feeds at once means you can follow your favorite sports and live shows without the hassle of constantly switching between channels.

The Limitations

While Multiview brings a revolutionary viewing experience, it does have some limitations. For instance, the feature is not currently supported on mobile and web platforms, restricting its accessibility to specific devices. Furthermore, Google Yotube has curated the available content within Multiview rather than providing full user customization. This decision aims to enhance the user experience, but YouTube is committed to improving flexibility and offering more options within Multiview in the future.

The WNBA Primetime Channel Advantage

For those subscribed to the WNBA Primetime Channel, YouTube offers “Recommended multiviews” in the Home tab and Watch Next recommendations. Upon launching Multiview, the left or top-left stream is highlighted by default, and its audio is played. Users can then use their remote control to switch between streams, maximize to fullscreen, or return to the grid layout with just a tap.

Expanding Beyond Sports

Initially designed with sports enthusiasts in mind, Multiview has expanded its reach to non-sports content as well. This expansion allows viewers to explore a wide range of titles from different categories, including business, weather, and more.

Enabling Multiview on YouTube TV

To enable Multiview, YouTube TV subscribers can head to the “Top Picks for You” section on the Home tab. Here, they will find a selection of Multiview stream options to choose from. By selecting a pre-set multiview stream, users can open it and enjoy multiple feeds simultaneously. To focus on a specific stream in fullscreen mode, users can use the remote’s direction pad to highlight the target stream and press “Select.” To return to the original setup, they can simply click on “Back.”

Customizing Audio and Captions

YouTube TV allows users to customize their audio source and captions within Multiview. By using the direction pad on the remote to highlight a particular stream, the audio will automatically switch to that stream, and a white border will appear around it, indicating the selection.

Future Improvements

YouTube TV is actively working on improving the Multiview feature to offer more customization options to users. Soon, subscribers will have the ability to customize their streams according to their preferences, rather than relying on pre-selected multiview screens. Additionally, It is exploring ways to extend the availability of Multiview beyond smart TVs and streaming media players to other platforms, such as web and mobile apps.

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YouTube’s Multiview feature brings a new dimension to the way viewers enjoy their favorite content. With the ability to watch multiple streams simultaneously, users can immerse themselves in a diverse range of live events without missing a beat. While the feature currently has some limitations, It is committed to enhancing it further, providing users with an even more personalized and enjoyable viewing experience.


  1. Is Multiview available for all YouTube TV subscribers?Multiview is initially being launched for WNBA League Pass subscribers, with further expansion planned in the future.
  2. Can I access Multiview on my mobile device?Currently, Multiview is only available on smart TVs and streaming media players, but YouTube is working on extending its availability to web and mobile apps.
  3. Can I customize the streams within Multiview?As of now, YouTube curates the available content within Multiview, but the platform is actively working on introducing customization options.
  4. What types of content are available in Multiview, besides sports?Multiview now includes non-sports content such as business, weather, and more, providing viewers with a broader range of options.
  5. How many streams can I watch at the same time with Multiview?Multiview allows you to watch up to four streams simultaneously on compatible devices, maximizing your viewing experience.
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