8 Mistakes to Avoid for a Good Night's Sleep

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Welcome to our guide for better sleep. Learn to avoid these mistakes for a refreshing rest.

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 Screens before bed disrupt melatonin. Put devices away an hour before sleep.

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Late-Night Screen Time

 Caffeine near bedtime affects sleep. Limit intake in the afternoon.

Caffeine Consumption

 Inconsistent sleep patterns confuse your body's clock. Set a routine.

Irregular Sleep Schedule

 Uncomfortable bedding, noise, and light disrupt sleep. Create a cozy space.

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Poor Sleep Environment

  Large meals lead to discomfort. Opt for a light snack.

Heavy Meals Before Bed

 Inactivity affects sleep. Exercise, but not before bed.

Lack of Physical Activity

 Stress makes sleep difficult. Practice relaxation.

Stress and Overthinking

 Alcohol disrupts sleep. Limit intake, especially at night.

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Alcohol Consumption

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Avoid these sleep mistakes for restful nights.