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Meet the Stellar Cast of "Made in Heaven Season 2"

Sobhita Dhulipala (Tara Khanna)

Dhulipala's commanding presence brings Tara Khanna's complexities to life, portraying her personal and professional journey with finesse.

Arjun Mathur  (Karan Mehra)

Mathur's versatility shines as he navigates Karan's emotional challenges and dilemmas, adding depth to the character.

Jim Sarbh  (Adil Khanna)

Sarbh's performance captures Adil's internal struggles and emotional evolution, adding nuance to the role.

Kalki Koechlin (Faiza Naqvi)

Koechlin infuses Faiza with charm and determination, making her a pivotal part of the narrative.

Shashank Arora (Kabir Basrai)

Arora's wit and humor bring a fresh perspective to wedding planning, adding a unique energy to the series.

Shivani Raghuvanshi  (Jazz Kapoor)

Raghuvanshi's portrayal beautifully captures Jazz's growth and ambition, enriching the character.

Vijay Raaz (Jauhari)

Raaz's commanding presence lends gravitas to Jauhari, leaving a lasting impact.

Mona Singh  (Pammi Sethi)

Singh's Pammi adds intrigue as a new character, contributing a fresh layer to the narrative.

Trinetra Haldar (Preeti Jindal)

Haldar injects vibrant energy into Preeti, leaving an indelible mark on the series.

As "Made in Heaven Season 2" unfolds, this exceptional cast weaves a tapestry of intricate relationships, emotions, and unforgettable moments. Each actor's portrayal contributes to the show's compelling storytelling, making it a must-watch for fans of drama and romance.