Tammannah Bhatia Stuns in Ethnic Wear: Top 10 Sarees and Lehengas

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Parrot/Baby Pink Weaving Saree

Tammannah shines in a unique parrot and baby pink weaving saree, blending tradition with a modern twist.

Red Tulle Ombre  Pre-Draped Saree

Make a bold statement with Tammannah's red tulle ombre pre-draped saree, a captivating choice for any occasion.

Blue Netted Saree

Experience ethereal grace as Tammannah graces the blue netted saree, a delicate and romantic ensemble.

Turquoise and Gold Lehenga

Adorned in a turquoise and gold lehenga, Tammannah exudes regal radiance with intricate details.

Oyster Dolphin Woven Saree Set

Tammannah embraces subtle glamour in the oyster dolphin woven saree set, perfect for intimate gatherings.

Cape Set

Discover modern chic with Tammannah's saree and cape fusion, a contemporary take on traditional attire.

Turquoise Green Chiffon Saree

Tammannah captivates in a turquoise green chiffon saree, emanating breezy charm and elegance.

Pink Chiffon Saree

Radiating playful sophistication, Tammannah stuns in a soft pink chiffon saree with intricate detailing.

Green Saree

Tammannah embraces nature's grace in a timeless green saree, paying homage to earthy beauty.

Blue Organza Ruffle Saree Gown

Tammannah's blue organza ruffle saree gown redefines glamour with cascading ruffles and a modern silhouette.

Experience the magic of Tammannah Bhatia's ethnic fashion, where each ensemble tells a story of timeless allure.