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Jio Launched JioMotive (2023): Transforming Your Ordinary Car into a Smart Vehicle

Jio Launched JioMotive (2023): Transforming Your Ordinary Car into a Smart Vehicle

Jio Launched JioMotive (2023): Transforming Your Ordinary Car into a Smart Vehicle


What is JioMotive(2023)?

JioMotive is an OBD device offered by Jio, a prominent telecommunications and technology company. It is designed to provide various features for vehicle tracking and management, making it easier for car owners to monitor and enhance the performance and security of their vehicles.

What is OBD Devices?

OBD, which stands for On-Board Diagnostics, is a term widely recognized in the automotive industry. OBD devices are a vital component of modern vehicle management, offering a range of features that help car owners and fleet managers monitor, diagnose, and improve vehicle performance. These devices connect to a vehicle’s onboard computer system, collecting and transmitting critical data about the vehicle’s condition and performance.

Functions of OBD Devices

Diagnostics: OBD devices read and interpret diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) generated by the vehicle’s onboard computer. These codes provide insights into various aspects of the vehicle’s health, such as engine performance, emissions, and system malfunctions. By identifying issues early, car owners can address problems before they escalate.

Real-Time Tracking: Many OBD devices offer real-time tracking capabilities, allowing users to monitor the vehicle’s location and movements. This feature is especially valuable for fleet management, theft recovery, and monitoring the safety of loved ones on the road.

JioMotive Driving Behaviour Analysis
JioMotive Driving Behaviour Analysis

Driving Behavior Analysis: OBD devices can assess and provide feedback on driving behavior. This includes data on speeding, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and abrupt turns. Such insights promote safer driving habits and help reduce accidents.

Vehicle Health Monitoring: OBD devices continuously track a range of parameters such as battery voltage, air intake temperature, engine load, and coolant temperature. These data points enable car owners to monitor the overall health of their vehicles, schedule maintenance, and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Geo Fencing: OBD devices allow users to set up geofences or virtual boundaries around specific locations, such as home, office, or school. Instant alerts are sent when the vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas, enhancing security and ensuring that vehicle movements are well-tracked.

Wi-Fi Hotspot: Some advanced OBD devices, like Jio Motive, offer in-car Wi-Fi capabilities. This feature allows passengers to stay connected and entertained while on the go, turning the vehicle into a mobile hotspot.

Anti-Theft and Safety Alerts: OBD devices equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes can detect accidents, towing, and unauthorized tampering. Users receive instant alerts in case of such events, facilitating quick response and potentially preventing theft or mitigating accident-related damage.

JioMotive – A Leading OBD Device


JioMotive is an OBD device offered by Jio, a well-known telecommunications and technology company. JioMotive is designed to provide a wide range of features and benefits to vehicle owners. Let’s explore some of the key attributes of JioMotive:

4G-Based Technology: Jio Motive utilizes 4G technology, ensuring fast and efficient data transmission. This leads to lower latency and real-time tracking, making it a competitive choice in the market.

JioMotive Real time location Tracking
JioMotive Real time location Tracking

Real-Time Tracking: With a latency of just 10 seconds, Jio Motive offers real-time tracking, providing accurate and timely information about your vehicle’s location and movements.

JioMotive High Speed Internet
JioMotive High Speed Internet

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot: Jio Motive sets itself apart with its in-car Wi-Fi hotspot capability. It can connect up to eight devices, making it an excellent choice for families or road trips where connectivity is essential.

Anti-Theft and Safety Features: JioMotive is equipped with built-in 3D gyroscopes and accelerometers, allowing it to detect and report accidents, towing, and device tampering. Immediate alerts are sent to users, ensuring they can take swift action.

Time Fencing: JioMotive enables users to set up time-specific fencing, sending notifications if the vehicle is started or moved during predefined time frames. This is useful for situations where you want your vehicle to stay in one place, such as during vacations.

SIM Requirement: JioMotive utilizes an eSIM and works with existing Jio SIM cards, eliminating the need for an additional physical SIM.

Competitive Pricing: JioMotive offers competitive pricing with an annual charge of only 1,599 rupees after the first year, making it an affordable and cost-effective choice for vehicle tracking and management.

Effortless Setup: JioMotive promotes a user-friendly do-it-yourself setup, eliminating the need for a technician or garage visit for installation.

Steps to Use JioMotive

These are the following steps to use JioMotive in your Car which are given below:

Steps Action
1 Download and install the JioThings App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
2 Log in or sign up for JioThings using your Jio Number. Click on “+” and select “JioMotive.”
3 Enter the IMEI Number from the JioMotive Box or the device itself, then click “Proceed.”
4 Input your car details, including Registration Number, Car Name (give your car a name), Vehicle Make, Model, Fuel Type, and Year of Make. Click “Save.”
5 Plug the JioMotive Device into your car’s OBD Port. Turn your car on while proceeding to the next steps. Make sure your car is in an open area with good Jio Network signal.
6 Agree to the terms and conditions of the JioEverywhere Connect Number Sharing Plan and click “Enable.”
7 Click on “JioJCR1440” and then click “Proceed” on the next screen.
8 You will receive a confirmatory message on the screen indicating that your activation request has been received by Jio.
9 Keep your car on for 10 minutes to allow the device to get activated. Your data will start flowing in the JioThings app within a maximum of 4 hours. If you need any assistance, please contact customer care at the toll-free number: 1800-889-7999.
10 You can scan the QR code for FAQs or product manual by using the Jio Things app.

This table breaks down the setup process into simple and easy-to-follow steps.


Steps to Use JioMotive
Steps to Use JioMotive

Jio Motive vs. Other OBD Devices

To better understand JioMotive’s advantages, let’s compare it with other OBD devices commonly found in the market:

Technology: JioMotive uses 4G-based technology, offering faster data transmission and lower latency. In contrast, many other OBD devices are 2G-based, leading to slower data updates.

Latency: JioMotive boasts a 10-second latency for real-time tracking, ensuring quicker and more accurate data. Other OBD devices may have a latency of 15 seconds or more, resulting in delayed information.

Real-Time Tracking: JioMotive provides comprehensive real-time tracking capabilities, ensuring users have up-to-the-minute information about their vehicles. Many other OBD devices offer limited real-time tracking, which may not be as responsive.

Wi-Fi: JioMotive stands out with its 4G-based Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing up to eight simultaneous connections. In contrast, other OBD devices do not offer Wi-Fi capabilities, potentially limiting connectivity options for users.

Service Network: JioMotive benefits from a service network of 1,000+, providing extensive coverage and support. Other OBD devices may rely on third-party service providers, potentially resulting in variations in service quality.

SIM Requirement: JioMotive’s eSIM and compatibility with existing Jio SIM cards simplify the setup and eliminate the need for an additional physical SIM. Many other OBD devices may require a physical SIM card, adding complexity to the installation process.

Annual Charges: JioMotive offers cost-effective annual charges of 1,599 rupees after the first year, making it an economical choice. In contrast, other OBD devices may have higher annual charges, such as 12,000+ rupees.

Installation: JioMotive provides a straightforward and do-it-yourself setup, ensuring that users can get their devices up and running without the need for a technician or garage visit. Other OBD devices may require professional installation, potentially adding to the cost and time required for setup.

Certainly, here’s a table summarizing the comparisons between JioMotive and other OBD devices:

Aspect JioMotive Other OBD Devices
Technology 4G-based 2G-based
Latency 10 seconds 15 seconds or more
Real-Time Tracking Yes (Real-time) Limited real-time tracking
Wi-Fi Hotspot Yes (4G-based, up to 8 connections) Not available
Anti-Theft/Safety Features Yes (3D gyroscope, accelerometer) May or may not have these features
Time Fencing Yes May or may not have this feature
SIM Requirement eSIM-enabled, works with existing Jio SIM Physical SIM required
Annual Charges ₹1,599 post 1 year ₹12,000+ post 1 year (higher)
Installation Effortless do-it-yourself setup Requires technician/garage visit

OBD devices like Jio Motive play a crucial role in modern vehicle management, offering a wide array of features that enhance vehicle safety, performance, and connectivity. Jio Motive, in particular, stands out in the market with its 4G-based technology, real-time tracking, in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, anti-theft features, and cost-effective pricing. This makes it a compelling choice for those looking to monitor and manage their vehicles efficiently while staying connected on the road. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, OBD devices like Jio Motive are set to play an even more significant role in enhancing the driving experience and ensuring the safety and well-being of vehicle owners and their loved ones.

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FAQs About JioMotive

Q1: How does Jio Motive work?
A1: Jio Motive connects to your vehicle’s OBD port and communicates with the vehicle’s onboard computer. It collects data related to the vehicle’s health, location, and driving behavior, and transmits this information to a mobile app or web-based platform for users to access.

Q2: What are the key features of Jio Motive?
A2: Jio Motive offers a range of features, including real-time tracking, in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, anti-theft and safety alerts, geofencing, driving behavior analysis, vehicle health monitoring, and time fencing. These features enhance vehicle security, connectivity, and maintenance.

Q3: What is the pricing structure for Jio Motive?
A3: Jio Motive offers competitive pricing of ₹4999 with an annual charge of ₹1,599 after the first year. This pricing includes access to its services and features.

Q4: Is Jio Motive easy to install?
A4: Yes, Jio Motive is designed for effortless installation. It offers a do-it-yourself setup, eliminating the need for a technician or a visit to a garage for installation.

Q5: How does Jio Motive’s in-car Wi-Fi work?
A5: Jio Motive features an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot that allows passengers to connect up to eight devices simultaneously. This feature provides internet connectivity during journeys, ensuring that everyone in the vehicle stays connected and entertained.

Q6: Can Jio Motive track driving behavior?
A6: Yes, Jio Motive can analyze driving behavior and provide alerts for instances of over-speeding, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and sudden turns. This feature encourages safer driving practices.

Q7: Does Jio Motive offer anti-theft and safety features?
A7: Yes, Jio Motive includes anti-theft and safety features. It is equipped with built-in 3D gyroscopes and accelerometers that can detect accidents, towing, and device tampering. Instant alerts are sent to users in case of such events, enabling quick action.

Q8: Can I use my existing Jio SIM card with Jio Motive?
A8: Yes, Jio Motive is eSIM-enabled and works with your existing Jio SIM card. You do not need an additional physical SIM card to use Jio Motive.

Q9: How can I set up geofencing with Jio Motive?
A9: With Jio Motive, you can set up geofences around specific areas through the Jio Things app. Whenever your vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas, you’ll receive instant notifications, keeping you updated on vehicle movements.

These FAQs provide information about Jio Motive, its features, pricing, and installation, helping users better understand this OBD device and how it can benefit them in monitoring and managing their vehicles

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