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What Wrongs Did Mahesh Bhatt Do?

What Wrongs Did Mahesh Bhatt Do?

Mahesh Bhatt, a prominent Indian filmmaker in Hindi cinema, has made significant contributions to Bollywood. However, his journey has been marred by controversies and allegations. From tumultuous relationships to plagiarism accusations, his actions have sparked public debates and scrutiny, shaping a complex narrative around his personal and professional life.

What Wrongs Did Mahesh Bhatt Do?

“Mahesh Bhatt faced controversies over relationships, plagiarism accusations, and alleged links to the Mumbai underworld. He was criticized for promoting nepotism in the film industry. A controversial photo with his daughter and cryptic tweets sparked public backlash, raising questions about his actions and conduct.”


Who is Mahesh Bhatt?

Mahesh Bhatt was born on September 20, 1948, in Bombay (now Mumbai), India. He belongs to a family with a rich legacy in the film industry. As a filmmaker, he gained fame for his bold and unconventional storytelling. Some of his notable films include “Arth,” “Saaransh,” “Zakhm,” and “Aashiqui.” Mahesh Bhatt’s movies often explored sensitive and controversial subjects, earning him both praise and criticism.

Mahesh Bhatt’s Controversial Relationships

Relationship with Parveen Babi

What Wrongs Did Mahesh Bhatt Do?

One of the significant controversies surrounding Mahesh Bhatt was his relationship with the late actress Parveen Babi. Their relationship was a subject of much speculation and gossip in the media during the 1980s. Parveen Babi, who suffered from mental health issues, accused Mahesh Bhatt of manipulating her life and controlling her actions. The public scrutiny of their relationship raised questions about Mahesh Bhatt’s behavior and ethics.

Relationship with Lorraine Bright (Kirran Bhatt)

What Wrongs Did Mahesh Bhatt Do?

In the late 1980s, Mahesh Bhatt married Lorraine Bright, also known as Kirran Bhatt. Their marriage faced challenges due to Mahesh’s involvement with Parveen Babi. The circumstances surrounding the affair and subsequent marriage garnered mixed reactions from the public and the film industry.

Relationship with Soni Razdan

What Wrongs Did Mahesh Bhatt Do?

Soni Razdan, an actress who worked in Mahesh Bhatt’s film “Saraansh,” became the next significant woman in his life. Their love story blossomed as Soni supported him through the challenges of his married life. To marry Soni Razdan, Mahesh Bhatt accepted Islam, allowing him to have two more wives. Under the name Ashraf Bhatt, he wed Sakina, Soni’s Islamic name. The couple then held a party to announce their wedding. They have two daughters together, Shaheen Bhatt and Alia Bhatt.

Allegations of Nepotism

What Wrongs Did Mahesh Bhatt Do?

Mahesh Bhatt has been criticized for promoting and launching several members of his family in the film industry. Accusations of nepotism have been leveled against him, with detractors claiming that he prioritized his family members over talented outsiders. This issue became a heated topic of debate in the Bollywood industry, especially in recent times.

Controversial Father-Daughter Kiss

Controversial Father-Daughter Kiss

The controversial incident of Bhatt kissing his daughter, Pooja Bhatt, created shockwaves in the media and among the public. The photograph, which was published in a 1980s Filmfare magazine, featured the father-daughter duo sharing an intimate moment. The headline accompanying the image, “If Pooja wasn’t my daughter, I’d have loved to marry her,” added fuel to the fire. This shocking act garnered widespread anger and criticism, with many condemning it as inappropriate and unacceptable. The incident continues to be a point of discussion and has affected Bhatt’s public image, raising questions about boundaries, ethics, and the responsibilities of public figures.

Legal Troubles and Allegations

Plagiarism Accusations

Mahesh Bhatt faced allegations of plagiarism in his career. Some of his films were accused of being inspired or lifted from foreign films without proper credits. The plagiarism claims affected the credibility of his work and raised questions about his originality as a filmmaker.

Association with Underworld Figures

At one point, Mahesh Bhatt’s name was linked to the Mumbai underworld. Although he denied any involvement, rumors persisted that he had connections with certain notorious figures. These rumors affected his public image and subjected him to immense scrutiny.

Sushant Singh Rajput Controversy

What Wrongs Did Mahesh Bhatt Do?

The tragic demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in 2020 brought Mahesh Bhatt under the spotlight once again. Accusations of nepotism and favoritism in the film industry resurfaced, with some blaming Bhatt and other prominent figures for allegedly sidelining talented actors like Sushant Singh Rajput.

Impact on His Career

The controversies and allegations have undoubtedly impacted Bhatt’s career. While he continues to be a respected filmmaker, there are instances where his projects faced public backlash and controversies. Some individuals have boycotted his films due to personal beliefs or ideological differences.

Public Opinion and Backlash

Mahesh Bhatt’s controversies have resulted in divided public opinion. While some staunchly defend him, others are critical of his actions and choices. Social media platforms have been filled with heated discussions about his past, creating an environment of both support and opposition.

Mahesh Bhatt’s Defense

In response to the numerous controversies, Bhatt has often taken to media platforms to defend himself. He has maintained that he is a victim of false allegations and has chosen to focus on his work rather than engage in public disputes.

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Mahesh Bhatt’s journey as a filmmaker and his personal life have been marred by controversies and allegations. While some believe that he has made significant contributions to Indian cinema, others view him with skepticism and mistrust. The public perception of Bhatt remains divided, with supporters celebrating his work, and critics questioning his choices and actions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is Mahesh Bhatt still active in the film industry?
    • Yes, Bhatt is still active and occasionally takes up film projects.
  2. What are some of Mahesh’s most successful films?
    • Some of his successful films include “Arth,” “Saaransh,” “Zakhm,” and “Aashiqui.”
  3. Did Mahesh Bhatt face legal consequences for plagiarism accusations?
    • As of now, there have been no legal consequences related to plagiarism accusations against him.
  4. What is Mahesh Bhatt’s stance on nepotism allegations?
    • Bhatt has denied allegations of promoting nepotism and maintains that he gives opportunities to talent based on merit.
  5. How has the film industry responded to the Sushant Singh Rajput controversy involving Mahesh Bhatt?
    • The film industry witnessed divided opinions during the Sushant Singh Rajput controversy, with some supporting Mahesh Bhatt and others expressing criticism.
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